Welcome to Sahben Group

Sahben has been developing quality retail, commercial and residential projects for 40 years and is well known for building some of the best quality developments in the property market.

The company attitude – ‘if we are going to build it, we are going to build it well’  has earned Sahben respect from its peers throughout the industry.

In recent years Sahben has recognised the accommodation shortage in the ever expanding mining and port regions and has concentrated on development in the Gladstone area.

Sahben Philosophy

The property development philosophy of the Sahben Group is to:

  • Identify where there is a need in the market that is not being satisfied
  • Identify the desire of the end user and local authority, and
  • Deliver a project that exceeds the expectations of all parties involved

Sahben has sought to locate sites that have not previously been seen as ideal for development and turn them into a future icon for the area. It is this desire to create an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly development that has opened many doors with local authorities. The approach of building the best without over capitalising has also allowed the Sahben Group to succeed in both rising and falling markets.

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